Digitalisation is rapidly climbing to the top of everyone’s agenda and embedding itself deeply within the corporate strategies of chemical companies both large and small. If you’re a supplier keen to tap into the huge potential of e-commerce, GoBuyChem can help.

Whether you want to take those first tentative steps online or even if you are already involved in e-commerce and simply want another outlet, our innovative new platform is for you!

Here are just five reasons why we are a low cost, effective route to market:


There are only so many hours in the day and even the busiest of product managers can struggle to reach out to all of your potential customers. What if you could reach them all – and many more – simultaneously? GoBuyChem offers sellers an instant channel of distribution through a growing pool of buyers across Europe – and to keep it simple, you only have to deal with us rather than multiple parties. We can help you expand your target market so you can build relationships you never knew existed.


Our simple to use and easy-to-navigate web-based platform and mobile app means you’re always in control. GoBuyChem is available 24/7, whether you’re in the office or on the move. All your information is instantly at your fingertips, and once you’ve signed up and created your profile, you can add material, change prices or stock levels, in real-time. Check your sales activity, stock availability, pending orders – anytime and from anywhere.


Complete anonymity. When the deal is done, there’s no way of knowing who the seller is. Buyers only know the origin of the cargo and the specification. All stock is sold through us, GoBuyChem is the contracting party and all our clients are credit insured. Sales are on an FCA to DDP basis, and we take care of the supply chain and ensure the buyer gets their material on time. Sellers are guaranteed payment, with invoices paid on a 30-day end of month collection date. And remember, any problems or questions, and GoBuyChem is always available for support.


Our aim is to help sellers get the highest possible price for their product. Even better, there are no hidden costs when dealing with GoBuyChem. There’s no charge to sign up with us, or to list your products – sellers only pay a small fee of 0.5% or €125, whichever is greater, on completion of each transaction.


So why wait? Sign up, log in and get selling. It takes only a matter of minutes to create a profile with GoBuyChem – then simply list your material, set your price and wait for the deals to be done.

GoBuyChem is more than just a matchmaking service – we not only provide a shop window for your product but save you time and money too.

For more information on our innovative new platform, visit us at or call James, Ibrahim or Marwan on +44 (0)7808 526878.