Change the way you buy chemicals

In this increasingly tough economic climate with volatile prices, shrinking margins and intense competition, buyers of chemical commodities have arguably never been under more pressure. Today’s business world is so fast paced that sometimes the ability to act quickly can make the difference between deal or no deal, profit and loss, or success and failure. For a typical buyer, the working week is filled with phone calls and emails trying to track down product and wondering whether they have found the best possible price. With new online platform GoBuyChem, you can save both time and money – and instantly access an entire network of trusted suppliers throughout Europe. We help you find the chemicals you need, when you want them, and on your terms. You can specify both the quality and producer, choose your own payment terms, and decide when you want it delivered. There are no hidden fees. In fact, there’s no cost to the buyer whatsoever – sellers pay a small fee on completion of each transaction. “Purchasing managers are under constant pressure to find the best price and quality and buy more efficiently,” says GoBuyChem’s CEO, Bharat Bhardwaj. “A typical buyer may have good relationships with three or four key suppliers but while service may be great, they might not be giving them the best possible price. With us, you can buy chemicals at any time, wherever you are. That’s empowerment. This is much easier than just picking up the phone – we make the whole process faster, smarter and much more efficient.” Several years in the making,

GoBuyChem provides instant access to an ever-growing pool of bonafide suppliers. Registration is completely free and there is no obligation until you make a purchase. Simply log in and request a quote – it takes a matter of seconds.  Our easy to use platform and transparent pricing means you always know you have found the best possible price. When you search for product, we show you exactly what is available and let you compare prices from trusted sellers. The entire process is safe, secure and completely anonymous. GoBuyChem handles all the contracting with suppliers, insures the cargoes just like any other distributor and offers a range of financing terms. Sourcing chemicals the traditional way is a thing of the past. Buying online through GoBuyChem is secure, convenient and fast.

Once you place your order, our system automatically generates a purchase contract and sends it straight to the supplier, with the GoBuyChem team finalising the logistics. Should you need to check the progress of your order, you can get instant updates via our secure portal – and our operators are available for assistance every step of the way. “Buyers usually rely on just a few suppliers when buying chemicals – we can help you do business with every seller in our database. We expand your reach to the outside world so you can find the best possible price,” adds Bhardwaj. Remember, we are not trying to replace your usual suppliers but simply offer a trusted alternative.

We know it can take an age to build and nurture relationships in the chemical sector – we simply help you develop new ones instantly. All suppliers on our platform are vetted and users can rest reassured that chemicals sourced through us are Reach registered and EC cleared. You can buy on the payment terms that you require and our team is always available for support, just like if you’re using your usual distributor. Even smaller companies can now purchase from major players without having to go through complex financial vetting processes. Our web-based platform and iOS and Android compatible mobile app provides 24/7 access too so wherever you are and whatever time of the day, your account is easily accessible and our huge stock catalogue is always at your fingertips.

Register for free at and we will email a link to activate your account where you can add your own secure password. You then just need to complete your profile so we can match you with sellers across Europe for real-time quotes and the best prices. Simply select the chemicals you want to source, enter your VAT number and delivery and collection preferences. All accounts are fully approved within 24 hours – and we give all buyers an initial €5,000 credit balance.

With GoBuyChem you can start saving time and money today. Find out more about our platform by calling +44 (0)7808 526878 or email [email protected]