My children are getting quite excited. Disney Plus – a new streaming service crammed with everything from Snow White to Star Wars – is launching in the UK at the end of March.

It’s incredible how on-demand TV has taken off in recent years. I remember eyebrows being raised when Netflix and Amazon Prime first came on the scene.

Previously, we’d all been watching programmes the same way for years, sitting together at home in front of the screen, waiting for our favourite show to come on. It was just the way television worked – and we accepted it.

Then these new services arrived but few people were convinced they would ever catch on – especially with a monthly subscription charge.

They were wrong. Today, the model is completely different. If you want to watch something, you don’t need to wait until it’s broadcast. You choose what you want to see, where and when you want to see it.

There are clear parallels with what’s happening in the chemical industry right now, with its reaction to ecommerce.

People have been buying and selling commodity chemicals the same way for generations and many are resistant to change.

But just like in the world of TV, we’re seeing those attitudes shift. They realise this is a far better solution.

Ecommerce in the chemical sector is now experiencing that same Eureka moment. Now is the time to embrace it. Those that don’t will be stuck in the past and watching others reap the rewards.

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